Over 50 sticks seized from Real Betis and Sevilla ultras at an organised fight

On November 6 Real Betis and Sevilla drew 1-1 in El Gran Derbi, which saw three players sent off.

While the match was heated on the pitch, it did not compare to what the police managed to prevent taking place before the game kicked-off.

According to the statement released by the police on Monday which was communicated by Marca, officials were ordered to a location to stop an organised fight happening between the ultras of the two clubs.

They arrived to the site before the confrontation took place and seized an arsenal of blunt objects, including more than 50 large sticks, three iron bars, a hammer and numerous large stones.

After the intervention, the mob fled and later ended up fighting in a brawl in which four people were injured.

While it is often assumed that football hooliganism is a thing of the past, it certainly appears as though it is still present amongst certain fan bases in Spain.

GSFN | Tom Cserép

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