OPINION | Why Luis Enrique has become a streamer

Why did Luis Enrique start streaming on Twitch in Qatar if even he himself considers it “a crazy idea”? What exactly is the Spain head coach trying to achieve during this World Cup?

Luis Enrique has a frosty relationship with the press. He doesn’t like doing interviews as he believes his words are regularly distorted. The Asturian can therefore come across as being bitter and sarcastic in his press conferences.

Some have suggested that Luis Enrique wants to get rid of the press and remove their role in the game, but of course, he will still have to attend press conferences despite being a streamer.

What the former Barcelona boss is doing is increasing his media presence and winning over the audience through his humour, energy and passion.

Before Spain’s 7-0 victory over Costa Rica, there had been more talk about him on Twitch than about the players in the squad or Spain’s possible weaknesses heading into the World Cup. And that is exactly what he wanted. He was protecting his squad by becoming the face of La Roja.

This is a young Spain side. Only six of the 26 players in the squad had played in a World Cup before. Spain is the third youngest team (average age 25.3) in Qatar.

So Luis Enrique has decided to avoid putting pressure on his players by diverting attention. He is putting all the pressure on himself to relieve a team with hardly any World Cup experience of the burden of representing an entire country. And he is succeeding because some of the Spanish press and some La Roja fans have criticised the 52-year-old.

As the leader of the talented group, he places himself in front of the media spotlight, while moving his players away from the limelight. It’s brilliant management.


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