Nico Williams to extend Athletic Club contract

Nico Williams and Athletic Club are making progress on a contract extension. The winger is poised to commit to three more seasons with the Basque outfit, with an option to leave after the second year for a set fee. Additionally, his contract terms and release clause would see substantial increases, per ED.

The 21-year-old winger, whose contract with Athletic concludes next June, is in the process of negotiating a renewal with both his agents and the Bilbao team’s management. While the discussions are on the right path, they’ve been ongoing for several months. Although no major issues are expected, the renewal isn’t without challenges.

Having declined a lucrative offer from Unai Emery’s Aston Villa a few months ago, which included a €7m annual salary and the payment of his €50m release clause, the player’s agency has communicated to Athletic that Nico is a highly sought-after talent. 

The Spain international values staying in Bilbao over financial gains, but he envisions the possibility of pursuing a new challenge in the future.

Jake Staniland | GSFN

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