Nico Williams: “Nobody is born racist, it’s a question of education.”

Nico Williams received his first call-up to the Spanish national team for Spain’s upcoming Nations League games against Switzerland and Portugal.

In an interview with Marca TV, he was asked whether he experienced racism in Spain:

“Luckily not. But, yes, I have seen my brother a little annoyed regarding it. I believe that they are things of football and I hope that the people involved think and reflect on what they do and they stop.”

Nico Williams believes that education can help over overcome racism:

“It starts at a young age. Nobody is born a racist. Education at home, education at school and I believe that little by little racism will disappear.”

The 20-year-old also revealed how much he is willing to give to go to the World Cup:

“Life and more. I think I have to work hard for that moment to come. Whether now or later, I will continue working for the moment to arrive.”


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