Neymar opens up on ‘hell’ experience with Lionel Messi

Neymar, now of Al-Hilal, has discussed the ‘hell’ he suffered at Paris Saint-Germain. The charismatic Brazilian spoke to Globo about his experience with his friend and team-mate Lionel Messi. 

Despite the international rivalry between Brazil and Argentina, Neymar firstly conveyed his happiness for Messi’s accomplishment of winning the 2022 World Cup and emphasised his skills and commitment on the pitch. Nonetheless, he also expressed his sorrow when witnessing Messi’s challenges at the Parisian club.

“I was very happy for the year he had, but at the same time very sad, because he lived on both sides of the coin. He reached heaven with the Argentina team, he won everything in recent years, and with PSG he lived hell… We lived through hell, both he and I.”

Messi leaves PSG

Neymar passionately defended Messi and conveyed his joy at witnessing his friend’s World Cup victory. He added, “Messi departed from PSG in a manner that, from a football standpoint, was undeserved. Considering everything he represents and his dedication, anyone who truly knows him can attest that he’s a relentless worker. Unfair accusations were leveled against him, in my view. It truly warmed my heart to see him clinch the World Cup. As you mentioned, football finally gave him the recognition he deserved. Messi deserved to conclude his career on this note.”

The two superstars exited PSG this summer and they both took very different paths. Neymar will soon light up the Saudi Pro League with his dazzling skill, but for now, he is sidelined with an injury. Meanwhile, Messi has already stamped his authority on MLS, having lifted the League Cup and he’ll try to get David Beckham’s team into the MLS play-off positions.

Jake Staniland | GSFN

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