Murat Yakin on Switzerland’s win: “It was a historic victory.”

Last night Switzerland defeated Spain 2-1 in Zaragoza in the fifth round of the Nations League group stage.

In his post-match interview that appeared on AS, Murat Yakin talked about the importance of this victory:

“Switzerland have taken a big step forward. It was a historic victory that gives us a morale boost for the World Cup. In previous matches we had been naive against Spain, because they are strong on the counter. But we’ve learned from our mistakes and now we know that we can hold out against the best teams. We have shown that we can even beat them.”

He believes that Switzerland were more superior in the first half:

“Spain played with the pressure that home teams always have. I think we were superior in the first half and in the second half things were more even.”

Yakin is also pleased that their training sessions on set-pieces paid off:

“We have worked on strategy because it is necessary to do so, it is very important in today’s game. I’m pleased that both goals came from corners because it reinforces the value of our work.”


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