Monchi: “I’m more of a Sevilla fan than a Sporting Director.”

Sevilla’s sporting director, Monchi, took part in a forum at the Chamber of Commerce in Seville, where he continued to speak out against the European Super League.

“Football is passion and belongs to the fans because that is what we have always experienced. Logically there has been an evolution and now most clubs are limited companies. But to lose sight of the fact that there is a fundamental client here, the fans, would lead us to failure. We can’t turn our backs on what drives football, which is passion.

“I’m more of a Sevilla fan than a sporting director and I don’t know if that’s an advantage or a disadvantage. If I get excited after beating Real Sociedad, it’s not because I think we’re going to get more money for the Champions League, but because I know we’re going to make people happy.”

Monchi is confident that the season can end with supporters back in the stadiums in Spain.

“There is some information that talks about the possibility that there may be crowds back in the last two LaLiga matches. Let’s hope that the contagions of this fourth wave don’t go any higher and the situation can stabilise. Football without fans loses its essence.”

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