Mohamed Salah: “Spain has a really good team and can win Euro 2020.”

Speaking in an exclusive interview with AS, Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah opened up about becoming a footballer, his future at Liverpool and the possibility of playing in LaLiga.

On Real Madrid and Barcelona

I think Madrid and Barcelona are top clubs. We never know what is going to happen in the future, but right now I’m focused on winning the Premier League and the Champions League again with my club.

On how long he will stay on at Liverpool

[Laughs] That’s a tough one, but right now I can say that everything is in the club’s hands. Of course, I want to break records here and, I repeat, every record in the club, but everything is in the hands of the club.

On who is going to replace Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in the future

It’s hard to say someone. It’s really hard to say. There are some great players now, but what they did for football was unbelievable. So yeah, I can’t mention any name, but I think what they did for football was great, and there are a few players that I think are doing good as well.

The most difficult thing about being a footballer

It’s a lot of things. You have to sacrifice a lot of things, a lot of things in your life, you have to dedicate all your life to football. That’s one of the things you find. It’s really hard because you sacrifice your life for football and also for me to change a little bit my mentality and to change things in my head that also takes time and takes energy from me. So it was a little bit tough in the beginning, but now you can just handle this situation and try to deal with it.

On wanting to be a footballer

Yeah, I think I wanted to become a footballer when I was young. I wanted it very bad. Now people see that one of them, one of Egyptian people, has become famous, has got to that level. So I think now everybody wants their kid to be a footballer. But I’m always saying it’s not just football. We have a lot of things you can be good at, like doctors or whatever you want to be, you can be at the top level as well. But yeah, when I was young that was my dream, just to be a footballer. And everybody, all the kids from Egypt and in Africa love to play football.


I think it’s been hard, hard for everybody since the coronavirus started. But it’s something we need to adapt to and something we need to live with it until it’s over, hopefully soon. But we need to keep our distance. As famous people we need to live as an example, we have to really tell people to keep them on track and make them follow what the doctors say because it’s a tough situation for everybody but hopefully it will be gone soon.

On the Spain national team

I think Spain has a good team, a really, really good team. They have top players, they can win it again. It’s been a while since they won it, but I think they have a good team and they have a big chance to win it.

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