Luis Enrique: “We can’t count on Sergio Busquets for the first game.”

Spain manager Luis Enrique gave his thoughts to the press ahead of Spain’s Group E game with Sweden on June 14.


The first objective is to qualify, but I am optimistic. I think we are group favourites.

Heat in Spain

The third match is against Slovakia at six o’clock in the evening. You can’t change the schedule, and it can be very hot in Seville. But it has to be played at the same time as the rest of the matches. They all have to start at the same time. The Swedish television asked me about the heat and I told them that it’s not that hot either, and they were shocked. But that’s the truth because it could be worse for Seville.


Sweden play very direct, and up front they have very strong players, with speed and quality. They play well in space and will play long balls. But we’ll try to play with intensity, which won’t be easy.

Being a coach

It’s very different coming to a big tournament as a player or as a coach. As a player, there are zero worries. As a coach it’s different. It’s intense, with a lot of decisions, but I’m looking forward to it.

The team

I would give you the team, but I’m not going to say the team because that would be a gift to Sweden. The plan is the same as it was a year ago, I have a clear idea of how we’re going to play. I’ve told the players and the ones who have accepted that idea are the ones who are here. We can’t count on Busquets for the first game, but that’s not an excuse because we have enough in the squad.

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