Kylian Mbappé: “I have never discussed money with Florentino Pérez.”

In an interview with Marca, Kylian Mbappé spoke about almost joining Real Madrid before deciding to sign a new deal with PSG.

“Everyone knows that last year I wanted to go to Real Madrid. I thought it was a good decision to leave last year, but now it is different because I am a free agent, I am French and I know I am important to the country, and when you are important to the country you have to think not only about football but also about your life.

“After my football career, I will be in France, I will live here with my family and my friends. The only thing I can do is thank all the Real Madrid fans, the whole club because they gave me all the love they could give me and it was incredible because I have never played there. I was only [there when I was] 14 years old, for one week, but they’re an amazing club and I wish them good luck for the Champions League final.”

Is it your dream to play for Real Madrid one day?

“I think it is disrespectful to say that my dream is to play for Real Madrid after signing my contract just a few days ago.”

Do you think you have made a mistake, like with the trip to Madrid recently?

“It was not a mistake. I was in Madrid because Achraf [Hakimi] told me to please, to go to Madrid with him. I would probably do it again. I didn’t go to Madrid so that people would talk. I went with Achraf on a private flight, we changed our names so no one would see me and then we went to a restaurant and someone saw us and spoke.

“But I didn’t go to Madrid so that everybody could see me. I went directly, secretly, with my friends and Achraf paid for the trip so that even my name wasn’t there and people didn’t see me at the airport. I went to the hotel, I relaxed, then I went to the restaurant and everybody saw me. But it was because of Achraf.”

What do you think about the accusations that you are staying with PSG for money?

“I’m a bit sad because since I started playing football I showed everyone that I had the desire to play. I have always talked about football, titles, important matches, and never about money. People can say whatever they want, but everyone knows me.

“I have spoken with everyone at Real Madrid, I have spoken with PSG and they know that I have never spoken about money with the president Florentino Pérez, nor with [PSG president] Nasser Al-Khelaifi. My lawyer discussed money a bit, as did my mother, but not me.

“My money goes into my account, I look at it a bit but I don’t care. I’m here to win titles, to show that I’m the best and to be happy. I think I’m happy right now.”

What happened with Karim Benzema and his Instagram story?

“I saw several Real Madrid players posting things. These things happen, I have nothing to say about it. Of course, when I go to the France national team I will explain to Karim [Benzema] why I have stayed at PSG because we have a good relationship.”


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