José Mourinho: “I’m a Madridista and I hope Carlo Ancelotti stays at Real Madrid”

As reported by journalist Fabrizio Romano, Roma manager Jose Mourinho believes Carlo Ancelotti should stay at Real Madrid amid links to the Brazil job.

The Brazilian Football Confederation president claimed that Ancelotti will coach the men’s national team at the 2024 Copa America, although no contract between the two parties has been signed.

The former Real Madrid manager has advised Ancelotti against leaving the club and has downplayed rumours, which suggest that he could replace the Italian manager in the Spanish capital.

He said: “I think only a crazy person like me can leave Real without the club wanting me to. I left even though Real and José Sánchez wanted me to stay. I’m sure that Carlo will decide to stay as soon as Florentino Pérez calls him.

“Re-joining Real Madrid to replace Ancelotti? Florentino is super smart. He already has a super manager, why think of another?

“I’m a Madridista and I hope Ancelotti will stay there [Real Madrid]. He’s the perfect coach for Real Madrid.”

Rajan Sangha | GSFN

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