Jesús Navas discusses the pain he has been suffering for the past two years

Jesús Navas gave an interview, which appeared on Marca.

The 37-year-old revealed that he has been carrying a chronic hip injury for the last two years:

“I’ve been in a lot of pain for two years, playing with a lot of suffering. I was practically crying when I got home because of the pain I was in, but I wanted to play, I wanted to continue.”

“I seem to be feeling a bit better with my hip now. I keep going. There were very difficult moments, there were moments when it took me 40 minutes to warm up until the pain went away,” he added.

Navas is confident that Sevilla can improve upon their horrendous start to the season:

“We’re in good spirits. We’ve started the year with victories, but it’s a different situation and the more experienced players have to have that confidence and transmit it to the rest of the team that everything is going to be fine.”

GSFN | Tom Cserép

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