Gerard Piqué: “Barcelona and Real Madrid will not be able to compete in five years’ time”

Former Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué has spoken about the future of Spain’s two biggest football clubs.

“Barça and Madrid are not going to be able to compete in the long run, this is obvious,” Piqué said at the Expansión and Marca Business Sport Forum when comparing the European and American models of sport, in words reported by Marca.

“In the United States the money is distributed equally in the 30 franchises, they will structure it in a way that the franchises are very protected. And if they see that the business is not well structured, they go on strike and gain a little more margin.

“What happens in Europe? Each league is regulated differently. La Liga has a very strict Fair Play and other leagues have a different system. And then in Europe, you have to compete against those teams. As there is no regulation in terms of Fair Play, you are exposed to those clubs paying more through other channels, and we are going to end up with Barça and Madrid not being able to compete.

“We are on the way to Barça and Madrid not being able to compete in Europe in five years’ time. Either this is regulated, or they are not competing with the same rules. And this is regulated in the United States.”

Kieran Quaile | GSFN

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