Gerard Deulofeu on Spain chances: “I’m a realist and I haven’t been called up for a long time.”

Gerard Deulofeu has spoken in an exclusive interview with Spanish outlet Marca.

Do you see yourself returning to La Liga in the future?

“I like the idea because it is Spain and we have spoken to some teams, but you never know what can happen. You have to enjoy the present moment.”

Do you have time to watch Barcelona?

“I don’t stop watching football at home. I watch Barcelona and I really like what I see. Last season it was a team in transition that was gradually growing, but what I see now is a joke. They have signed very well and they are going to fight for every title. I’m very happy for the people at the club.”

Luis Enrique gave you your debut for Barça B in 2011 at the age of 16. Do you have a chance of going to the World Cup?

“I’m a realist and I haven’t been called up for a long time. I don’t lose hope, but I know there is a lot of competition.”


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