Gareth Bale: “I’ll go back to Real Madrid in the summer and we’ll go from there.”

Speaking ahead of Wales’ game against the Czech Republic in Cardiff on Tuesday, Gareth Bale insisted that he still has a contract with Real Madrid amidst constant speculation over his future.

I think for me, first and foremost, I still have this season and I still have plenty of games to go for the Euros. Obviously, going into next season, legally my contract says I have to go back to Real Madrid, which is what I stated, which I don’t think is being disrespectful to anybody. That’s legally what I have to do.

Real Madrid are, I guess, my parent club and, as far as I agreed, I was at Tottenham on loan until the end of the season and I go back. That’s the plan so far.

The reason I left was because I wanted to play games and get match fit and enjoy my football. Obviously, come the summer I will go back to Real Madrid and we’ll go from there.

I think the plan is to go back and whether then I sit down with my agent and decide is something that we’ll do in the summer.”

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