Eduardo Camavinga: “I’m inspired by the way Luka Modric plays.”

Speaking in an interview with France Football, Real Madrid midfielder Eduardo Camavinga discussed moving to the Spanish giants.

“Not a lot of celebrations after the Super Cup made me realise that it will be very different here than in Rennes, where if we won a game, we celebrated anyway (laughs). Here, you only celebrate after the great victories.”

On Luka Modric

“The thing about Modric is, he defends as much as he attacks. I’m inspired by the way he plays. He does a few things that if I try, I’ll break my ankle! He’s not a Ballon d’Or winner for nothing.

On Real Madrid players

“All the veterans made me feel comfortable. When I have a question, I ask it. Either to Toni or Luka or others. And, of course, when you go to people, they come to you more easily.”


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