Diego Simeone talks World Cup, João Félix and Copa del Rey

Atlético Madrid head coach Diego Simeone spoke in a press conference on Wednesday ahead of Atlético Madrid’s Copa del Rey fixture with CD Arenteiro on Thursday.

Gil Marín (Atlético CEO) said that you and João don’t get on well and that the best thing to do is to get rid of a problem

“I want Atlético and I want them to win, that’s all I’m focused on. After that, whatever will happen will happen. Nobody is indispensable and things will have to be as they are,” he told Marca.

“João is very important. He had a good World Cup, he scored goals. Hopefully, we can have the João of the World Cup. Hopefully, we can give him the peace of mind to show what he showed in the World Cup, which was very good.”

On the 2022 World Cup

“It did me a lot of good to see the World Cup, I hadn’t seen football from the stands without having that responsibility.”

On Antoine Griezmann and Rodrigo De Paul

“Griezmann’s performance [at the World Cup] makes me very happy, it speaks for the players in this squad.

“De Paul started very well last season, then he had a slump and then he finished well. It’s the second time since I’ve been here that we’ve had world champions in the squad. It is something important for the club.

“This season has been irregular for everyone and it’s not fair to focus on just one player. There is a need for consistency.”

How is the team approaching tomorrow?

“The cup is wonderful. It allows everyone to compete well, and there are always possibilities. What matters is what you can show on the pitch and the excitement.”

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