Date given for Super League case ruling

As reported by AS, the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Justice will hand down a binding ruling in the Super League case on December 21. 

The verdict has the potential to change the current format of competitions as we know them. The Super League accuses UEFA of having a monopoly on the organisation of European competitions, and depending on the outcome of the case, the format could change forever. 

The idea of a Super League was initially tabled in April 2021 but quickly fell apart following outrage from UEFA and fans alike. The CEO of A22 sports management, the company that was formed to sponsor and assist in the creation of the European Super League, said in a tweet, “Fans, clubs, players, and the sport of football would be the winners in a market that is open for a competition of ideas and in which clubs could govern and organise a European football competition without fear of threats”.

If they win the case, the Super League will mount their own competition for the 2024/25 season without the cooperation of UEFA. However, with the verdict looming, UEFA has confirmed that it will proceed with its controversial so-called ‘Swiss format’ of the Champions League, which will see the number of competing teams rise from 32 to 36.

GSFN | Finn Entwistle

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