Dani Alves: “If Barça think they need me, they just have to call.”

Speaking to Catalan outlet Sport, Dani Alves admitted he wants to join former club Barcelona.

The 38-year-old left Barcelona five years ago and it remains to be seen whether the La Liga club will take him back.

“I always said that I left because I saw that things were not the way I thought they should be,” Alves said.

“I left saying that when Barça needed me and wanted me, I would be at their disposal regardless of where I was. The affection, love and respect that I have for this club is too much. If Barça think they need me, they just have to call. I still think that I can contribute anywhere, but more at Barça because of the number of youngsters they have now.

“In every place I have been, I have always thought that the perfect mix is ​experience with youth. There will come a time when youth will mature and the older ones will leave. It is a natural cycle. The mix is ​​essential.”

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