Carlo Ancelotti: “After Real Madrid, I will probably retire.”

In a chat with Primo Video, Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti discussed retirement.

“There are so many things you put aside when you choose this profession…. I’ve never been to Australia; I’ve never been to Rio de Janeiro. I’d like to visit my sister more often,” he said.

He also spoke about a ‘half-retirement’, in which he would move on to a national team, and said that “Benzema will win the Ballon d’Or”.

On retirement

“After Real Madrid, yes, I will probably retire. If the club wants me here for 10 years, I will coach for 10 years. But after that I’d like to be with my grandchildren, go on holiday with my wife. Unfortunately, I can’t do that today, so the day I retire, I’ll have all these things to do.

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