Barcelona training methods come under scrutiny

The recent surge in muscle injuries among Barcelona players has drawn increased scrutiny and criticism toward the club’s medical staff. Recognising the spotlight, the club has intensified its oversight of players’ independent training schedules, per Toni Juanmartí.

Barcelona endured numerous injuries last season, including several during international breaks, fueling criticism and doubts about the team’s training and recovery methods, with some setbacks occurring close to players’ return.

In response to this situation, the club has bolstered its monitoring of players’ individual physical training efforts. While this subject is often considered sensitive within clubs, it’s a reality that most players rely on trusted training staff to enhance their muscle mass and explosiveness or address specific improvements in other areas.

However, it’s not uncommon for players to withhold information about these “extra” activities from the club. In some cases, players even refrain from sharing such activities on social media. Those who do share have been cautioned and reminded by the club to adhere strictly to their agreed-upon training plans with Barcelona’s physical trainers.

Jake Staniland | GSFN

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