Barcelona judge signs warrant for La Liga to secure IP address of any fan watching illegal streams

A major update in La Liga’s ongoing battle against the illegal streaming of the organisation’s matches has today been confirmed.

The info comes courtesy of Marca, who have revealed that pirating official fixtures from Spain’s top-flight is about to get a whole lot riskier.

‘A ruling from the Commercial Court number 8 of Barcelona has given the green light to take legal action directly against users who consume pirated football,’ it is confirmed.

As per the terms of the agreement, internet service providers will be forced to send the IP address of any individual found guilty of illegal streaming directly to La Liga.

Under the previous ruling, measures could only be taken against ‘public establishments’, such as restaurants and bars.

Now, though, the Spanish football authorities will be completely within their rights to target residential consumers of their product.

As per Marca, in the case of pirating, La Liga will be entitled to the following: IP address assigned to the user, name and surname of the owner who contracted the internet access service, postal address of the line installation and billing and identification document’.

Conor Laird | GSFN

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