Barcelona continue to pay the salary of Lionel Messi and other former stars

An update on the financial situation of Barcelona has been provided today in light of La Liga’s announcement on the updated salary cap for clubs after the winter transfer window.

According to SPORT, Barca continue to pay the salaries of Lionel Messi, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba. The Catalan club is still continuing to pay these former players because of deferrals of payments during the pandemic.

The Blaugrana have the second highest wage bill in Europe (€505m), after PSG. The Culés believe this figure is heavily influenced by the pandemic, which has significantly affected the economy of the club.

Payments were delayed to former players like Messi and also Frenkie de Jong, who remains a current part of the club. This is the main reason why the club’s wage bill still factors in payments to former players and despite the departure of many of these highly paid players, Barca is struggling with the issue.

The Spanish giants are still on the back foot on the issue of the La Liga salary cap. Barca is the third team with the highest cap, following Real Madrid (€727m) and Atletico (€303m). In addition to the salary problems, the club is awaiting payment for the purchase of 49% of Barca Studios by the German fund Libero Football Finance.

The collection of this debt means the club could return to the one in one out policy when it comes to signings. Currently, the club is operating on a one player in two players out system, which obliges it to release twice as much as it spends on wages and transfer repayments.

Rajan Sangha | GSFN

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