Barcelona can play Champions League football next season

According to an article published on Friday by Mundo Deportivo’s director Santi Nolla, Barcelona will be given the go-ahead to play Champions League football next season regardless of the investigation work that the UEFA Ethics and Disciplinary Committee is carrying out.

The Committee must grant the licences to play in Europe before 15 May, which will allow Barcelona to play in the European competition despite the investigation into the Negreira Case.

Mundo Deportivo report that the Ethics and Disciplinary Committee doesn’t have “information that could support the theory of banning the club from competing” because it has not proven, in line with the FEF’s theory, a clear incompatibility between the position of the Referees Committee and Enriquez Negreira’s company.

Nolla adds in his article: “For the criminal legal channel to prosper, it is necessary to prove that referees were bought or that there was an intention to do so. The mere statement of the possibility is not enough”.

Club president Joan Laporta sent a letter to the presidents of UEFA and FIFA asking them not to prejudge the club and flew to Ljubljana to speak directly to UEFA head Aleksander Ceferin.

Barça’s presence in Europe would avoid a further financial blow to the club, who estimate their absence from the Champions League next season at around €70m.

Kieran Quaile | GSFN

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