Antonio Rüdiger talks Real Madrid, the Santiago Bernabéu and Chelsea

In an exclusive interview with Marca, Real Madrid’s new signing Antonio Rüdiger gave his thoughts on joining the European champions.

Rüdiger recently became Madrid’s first summer signing when he agreed to move to the Santiago Bernabéu on a 4-year deal until 2026.

On joining Real Madrid

“I’m very proud and at the moment I still don’t realise what all this means, because I haven’t been to Madrid yet. I will go with all my family as soon as I finish this training camp with Germany and then I think I will really realise what this move to Real Madrid means.”

Is it clear to you that this is the biggest step in your career?

“I think that in football like in life it’s all chapters and this is a new one for me. Obviously, this new chapter is very big, it’s a big step for me. It’s probably the biggest one in my whole career.”

Tell me the truth, how many offers have you had?

“In this period it is true that there have been many conversations, but if I am honest, I only considered [Real] Madrid and Chelsea.”

When Real Madrid call you, what is the first thing you think?

“The first time I hear about Madrid… imagine. It was like, wow! The first time they contacted me was in September or October, I think. A club like this doesn’t call many times and it was incredible.”

When you played at the Santiago Bernabéu with Chelsea, and you score a goal, what do you think? What did you feel in that atmosphere?

“It was my first time at the Santiago Bernabéu and the day before we went to the stadium to see it. You look up and you see the whole structure of the building. You realise it’s a special place and you want to play that kind of game and in that kind of stadium. Not only against Madrid, you also want to be there. Unfortunately, that day things didn’t go the way we wanted and then they were the champions. So I applaud them for that.”


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