Agent of Granada forward Shon Weissman responds to alleged anti-Palestinian hate crime

AS report that a group made up of people living in Granada as well as Palestinian citizens in the Andalusian city have decided to file a complaint with the Granada Provincial Prosecutor’s Office for an alleged hate crime against Shon Weissman, due to the content published and shared by the player following the conflict between Palestine and Israel.

Granada player Weissman, 27, responded to a tweet showing an Israeli military woman pointing a gun at two naked and unarmed Palestinian terror suspects with a comment that read: “Why doesn’t Ezael shoot them in the head?”

The uproar caused the player to delete his post, but he continued to contribute to the spread of other tweets that directly called for the massacre of the Palestinian people, the whistleblowers’ statement said.

Roy Rajber, Weissman’s agent, told AS that the player is not responsible for the retweets. “A person responsible for his social media acted impulsively and wrongly. Shon stands with Israel in the face of this barbaric and monstrous act of terror against adults and children, but he also stands against violence against innocent people and prays for peace.”

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