What Eden Hazard had to say after leaving Real Madrid

Belgium captain Eden Hazard spoke to the media after the tribute paid to him by the national team during the match against Austria (1-1) in Brussels on Saturday.

Hazard spoke about his future, but also about his time at Real Madrid.

“It’s true that in the last few days, I’ve read a lot about myself, and a lot of nonsense,” he said in words reported by Mundo Deportivo.

“Going to Racing White Darin Molembeek with my brother? I don’t know if it’s stupidity, we’ll see. I know I’m not giving you the answers you’re hoping for but I honestly don’t have them yet.

“Having said that, I assure you that I am still capable of being a professional footballer, my body can take it. I’ve been resting for two or three years, I still have energy,” said the Belgian forward, who a fortnight ago was released by Real Madrid.

Hazard had a contract at the Bernabéu until 2024, but Los Blancos paid him half his annual salary to leave the club a year early.

Kieran Quaile | GSFN

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