Vitor Roque vs Endrick: who is better prepared for La Liga?

Although La Liga and the Brazilian top flight are not on the same level, there is unanimity about which of the two players is more prepared to make the leap. “Vitor Roque is better prepared, especially in the box. He takes his time, has better decision-making ability and finishes better in the box than Endrick,” says ESPN’s Gian Oddi in words reported by Marca.

ESPN journalist Paulo Cobos agrees that the future Barcelona player is closer to what is expected of a player in Spain. “He knows how to make the best decisions in decisive areas. He could arrive at FC Barcelona in 2024 and challenge for a spot in the starting lineup. Endrick has a long way to go to make a difference at a club as big as Real Madrid. He has all the qualities. He is strong, like Vitor Roque and has more skill. He can also play outside the box. His inconsistency at Palmeiras is proof that he is not yet ready to play consistently at a high level in a big league. Today, Vitor Roque is better than Endrick, but that can change.

“The way Vitor Roque is developing, with the responsibility he has, playing in the Libertadores, playing with the Brazilian national team… he was decisive in the South American Championship and is going through a very good spell. He is growing in an impressive way.”

Vitor Roque was born on February 28, 2005; Endrick was born on July 21, 2006. The new Barcelona player is one year and almost five months older than the Real Madrid forward. “Age is what differentiates them the most now. The future Barcelona player is much more prepared to play in Europe, even more than Vinicius Jr. when he arrived at Real Madrid,” adds Cobos.

Kieran Quaile | GSFN

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