Víctor Orta rules out Sevilla return for Sergio Ramos

Sevilla sporting director Víctor Orta has spoken about several subjects ahead of the new season, including Spanish centre-back Sergio Ramos.

“We are working to have most of the players registered for Friday. We’re working on sales and are optimistic. I am not worried because I know how the club is working. I’m not worried at all,” he explained in words reported by Marca.

“We will have a very competitive team on Friday, without a doubt. Seventy percent of Spanish clubs are going to have problems. La Liga is looking for a sustainable club model, we have to value it because it aims to make football sustainable. But the strictness of the rules should be debated.”

On the possibility of signing Sergio Ramos

Orta added: “We have six central defenders. As of today, there is no possibility that Sergio Ramos will play for Sevilla.”

Kieran Quaile | GSFN

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