Valencia’s Pepelu shares his hopes for next season: “I hope everyone stays.”

Valencia played their first pre-season (maybe even post-season) friendly away against Benidorm CF on Tuesday night.

The match was a story in itself, with Valencia legend David Villa being the club’s owner and the match being organised to celebrate Benidorm’s promotion out of the local leagues for the first time.

After the match, Valencia midfielder Pepelu was interviewed by Marca, and was asked about his hopes for the season to come.

As a team, I hope everyone continues because we have created an incredible group. It would be a good sign,” the 25-year-old said.

He also spoke realistically about the situation at his club, “It has been a good season. We all know that historically Valencia has always looked higher, but I think that from the beginning of the season, the club set a goal and we have achieved it, surpassed it even. For next year I hope we’ll improve even further.”

Finally, he spoke about his lack of surprise at not being picked to head to Euro 2024 with Spain, “It is not a disappointment. For me, it is exciting to be on the pre-list as in Spain, there are plenty of excellent players, especially in my position. It is something very special because it means that this year has been very good.

GSFN | Ciaran Currie

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