Sergio Ramos: “Kylian Mbappé has to go to Real Madrid, but for now I want him on my team.”

New PSG player Sergio Ramos has spoken to AS for the first time since his move to the French capital. Among the topics discussed was the future of his team-mate Kylian Mbappé.

Would you advise Mbappé to go to Madrid at some point in his career?

“Of course. Madrid is one of the best clubs in the world. On a historical level, the best. For me, the great players have to go there. But now I want him on my team. I want to win and for that, I want the best players by my side.”

What can you do to keep Mbappé in Paris?

“I don’t know. When you make the decision to leave or stay, it ends up being very personal. In my case, the family, the sporting project… I don’t know what’s on Mbappé’s mind. I want him to stay here because he is very young and he makes a difference. There is a very good team here. My winning spirit is what I can bring to the group and if that can rub off on a team-mate, even better.”

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