Sergio Ramos: “I still don’t know which team I’m going to join.”

Sergio Ramos spoke to the media on Thursday after Real Madrid confirmed that he would leave the club.

On his future

“Today isn’t the day to talk about my future. I still don’t know which team I’m going to join or if I will play in Spain.

“We haven’t thought at any time about any other club. Since January, when I’ve been on the market, we’ve had a few calls but we never thought about leaving Madrid.

“The important thing is not where you are, it’s with who. It’s the same to catch a train as a plane. The goal is to be together, they have been my pillars. My happiness depends on my family and so, of course, I want them to come with me. This is hard because I’ve been here for many years but this isn’t goodbye. Ramos will be back.”

On Zinedine Zidane

“On the subject of Zidane, I can’t give an opinion for anyone. I’ll look back on these 16 years and everything I’ve achieved. Zidane will always have a place in my heart.”

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