PSG offer Lionel Messi the number 30

Lionel Messi has not yet travelled to Paris as the last details of his contract proposal are being finalised, although a private flight is ready for him as soon as they are resolved.

His good friend Neymar offered him the number 10 at PSG but the Argentine turned it down, according to Marca. Among the other alternatives they are considering for the day of his presentation is the number 30, the number that Messi wore on his official debut with Barcelona.

Although it is a number used in the French league by goalkeepers, being a special case like Messi and all that it entails, Ligue 1 would not have a major problem. Another number being considered is 19, which he also wore at Camp Nou in his early days.

For now, it seems that the number 30 is the current favourite to become the best-selling shirt in Paris this season. The 19 that the Argentina international has also previously worn is reportedly the plan B being considered by Messi and PSG.

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