Pep Guardiola: “Best club in the world” FC Barcelona will come back stronger following elections

Speaking after Manchester City’s Premier League win over Wolves on Tuesday night, Pep Guardiola said he believes that “the best club in the world” Barcelona will recover from the off-field turmoil “in a short time” under the club’s next president.

I know it’s an uncomfortable situation and hopefully it’s going to finish well. He’s [Bartomeu] already now innocent until proven guilty.

The only thing I’m concerned about right now is in one week we will have a new president. I want to congratulate all three for the campaign, we are in a difficult situation all around the world and in Barcelona especially, for many reasons everybody already knows.

To have the courage to the lead the next years and I’m pretty sure hopefully as many people as possible can vote and choose the right president to lead this incredible club.

For me, the best club in the world for the sentimental issues and I’m pretty sure Barcelona will come back stronger in a short time.

The new president will have to lead with confidence, join the team and fans together as one and it’s going to be the club that we are. I’m looking forward to the election next Sunday and hopefully the president we choose will be okay.”

Former Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu was “provisionally released under charges of unfair administration and corruption of business” on Tuesday after being arrested following a raid on the Catalan club’s offices on Monday morning.

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