Pedri: “I couldn’t imagine being here, let alone being a starter in the first game.”

Spain midfielder Pedri spoke to the media on Tuesday after Spain’s 0-0 draw with Sweden in Group E on Monday night.

On Poland

We are Spain, we have to win. We have to do the same, create a lot of chances like we did last night and get the three points.

Any special congratulations from Messi on your Euro debut?

I haven’t spoken to him, he was also playing his game and I saw his goal, I’m happy for him. The messages I like the most are from my family, it’s a shot of energy.

Morata boo’d

I think it’s much better to play when people applaud you than when they whistle at you. I want to take the good things from the people who cheered us on.

Life a year ago

I couldn’t imagine being here, let alone being a starter in the first game. I thank all the coaches who have given me confidence.

The boos can unite

As I said, we have a very good group and I think things will come together in time. If we play the same game against Poland they will go in and I think Morata knows how to deal with it and next game he will score.

Who do you get together with the most?

We have a great group, but with Ferran, we always talk about everything that happens to us and we try to keep a cool head.

Assessment of the Sweden match

For me, it was a game that we dominated from start to finish. They also had two chances that we were lucky they didn’t go in, but I think we had a lot of chances and if we keep having them the ball will go in.

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