Mikel Arteta: “I feel very well and totally cured.”

Speaking in an interview with La Sexta, Mikel Arteta admits he feels much better after testing positive for the coronavirus. “I feel very well, I feel totally cured. I needed three-four days before I could feel truly better and to have energy again, the symptoms are behind me and now I feel well.”

The former midfielder described how he found out about contracting the virus. “Everything happened very quickly, on Tuesday afternoon I felt so so and I looked for the doctor, he wasn’t there. Then I received a call while in my car, they told me Olympiacos’ president was positive and all those that came in contact with him were at risk. We had a match with Manchester City the following day and I couldn’t put people at risk by not saying anything. I took the test the next day and I got the result on Friday. Therefore everyone that came in contact with me had to go on quarantine and the matches were suspended.”

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