Luis Enrique: “I would like to see Argentina win the World Cup.”

Luis Enrique spoke live on his Twitch channel from Qatar on Friday night.

On who he would like to see win the World Cup after Spain

“If Spain don’t win the World Cup, I would like to see Argentina win it. It would be unfair if Messi retires without winning a World Cup. But I prefer Spain to win it. Although I’m also telling you that I think he [Messi] could play in the next one. And also Uruguay because of Luis Suárez, of course.”

On Spain’s best player ever

“The best Spanish player in history? We’ve had very good players, but I’m going for [David] Villa because he’s the top scorer in the history of the national team. But there are many. Kubala, Raúl, Butragueño, Iniesta, Quini. There are many.”

On disconnecting

“We’ll go cycling. I switch off by reading or doing sport. I always read when I go to bed.”

On Borja Iglesias

“Panda has scored a lot of good goals. I’ve known him since Vigo. He deserves the best. I send him my best wishes.”


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