Lionel Messi’s post-PSG options

As reported by Mundo Deportivo, the option for Lionel Messi to join Inter Miami is still open. Messi has two main options on the table, with Barcelona a much more remote third possibility.

The plan to go to the United States for the summer of 2023 was Messi’s priority a year ago. PSG had also made him an offer to extend his contract at the start of the current season.

As MD has also reported, Messi will face his decision as soon as the World Cup celebrations are over, and after his holiday. Inter Miami are still hoping to bring Messi and Sergio Busquets together. Busquets is their other big target.

Inter know that the pressure from PSG is very strong and it’s another attractive proposal for the Argentina captain.

The obvious disadvantage Inter Miami have compared to PSG in terms of competitiveness is the Champions League. But they have not ruled out a move for Messi in the summer of 2023. Before that, Inter, who start their domestic competition in March, know that it is impossible. Messi has the Champions League with PSG on his mind.

Inter know that the Messi family’s initial plan after leaving Barcelona was to spend two years in Paris and, after the World Cup, to move to the United States, where his three children would get to know a new culture. This idea has been shifted a little by the realisation that Messi, despite his 35 years, still has what it takes to fight for an eighth Ballon d’Or.

GSFN | Kieran Quaile

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