Julen Lopetegui: “My 90-year-old father drank a whiskey to celebrate Sevilla’s Europa League victory.”

Speaking in an interview with Fox Sports, Sevilla head coach Julen Lopetegui revealed it has been an emotional few days since Sevilla were crowned Europa League champions for the sixth time in 14 years.

My mother died years ago. My father is 90 years old and he’s as strong as an ox, he smoked a cigar and drank a whiskey to celebrate the Europa League, so imagine.”

Lopetegui admitted that it has been a hugely emotional time around the club. “In that release of emotion, there is a positive emotion. When emotions come together, reason moves away and one cannot explain why. I imagine that it’s because, behind it all, there are the many hours of dedication, work, hope, joy for the emotion of your people, people who have helped you, and who suffer like you or more in hard times. As much as there were tears, there was so much happiness. You saw that hug with Éver Banega.

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