José María del Nido Benavente to his son: “You’re a low-life”

Tensions came to a head at the meeting between the shareholders of Sevilla FC as the ex-president José María Del Nido Benavente, his son, and vice-president Miguel Ángel Del Nido Carrasco, and the current president Pepe Castro each took potshots at the other.

After a meeting that went on into the early hours of the morning, the current president attacked Del Nido Benavente, telling him that nobody would want to provide a loan for the club to someone who was convicted for corruption (the ex-president was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison in 2011 for his role in the embezzlement of funds from the Marbella local council).

As Del Nido Benavente was leaving, Pepe Castro did not miss an opportunity to land a blow on his opponent, “Now go and talk to the media; that’s the only thing you like because of your ego.”

However, it was the clash between the ex-president and his son Del Nido Carrasco, now the vice-president, that caused the most stir. Del Nido Carrasco was answering his brother Miguel Ángel about some accusations that he had made. The father intervened in the discussion, leading his son to suggest that it would be better if he kept quiet about how he wanted to distribute the salary he receives from Sevilla. The father’s response to his son was cutting, “You’re a low-life.”

Del Nido Benavente, in the subsequent interview with the press (adapted from Marca), wished to avoid discussing the fiery exchange between his son, instead joking, saying, “Rather than Pepe Castro, he’s Fidel Castro. What ties my hands is the legal trick that the board of directors is playing because they just ignore the agenda of the day.” In his final comments, he discussed his desire for the team to turn a corner and improve their current poor run of form, “Now I pray that the team gets out of the situation it’s in, and hopefully it happens tomorrow in the Copa del Rey match, which I will be attending as a fan.”

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