João Félix: “I prefer Barcelona’s style of play to Atlético’s”

Barcelona and João Félix will play against Atlético Madrid this Sunday as both teams look to gain points over their rivals in the title chase. Not only is the game crucial in the title race, but there will be an added twist as Félix comes up against his former teammates and manager. The Portuguese forward did not hide his dislike for Diego Simeone’s play style when he originally forced through the move to Barcelona, and on his return, he again sent a message about the Argentinian’s style of play.

Speaking to ESPN and adapted by Marca, the 24-year-old, who is on loan from Atlético, commented, “Of course, I prefer Barcelona’s style of play to Atlético’s… so does every other player. If you ask the Atlético players the same question, they would all say that they prefer to play a more attacking style. If they say they don’t, they’re lying.”

Félix will have the chance to prove his worth to his former manager when Atlético travel to Barcelona on Sunday in a game that promises to be a tense affair. When asked whether he would celebrate if he scored a goal, he responded, “I don’t have anything planned…we will see.”

Félix currently has one goal and two assists in 11 matches so far in La Liga this season.

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