Joan Laporta: Barcelona in a worse financial position than expected

Speaking in an interview with La Vanguardia, Barcelona president Joan Laporta discussed the club’s current financial position.

“The club is in a worse state than I expected, and I knew I was coming into a difficult situation. There are contracts which condition how much we can do. There are things that must be explained [by the previous board] and I don’t rule out taking some sort of action. We will explain everything because if not, we will be complicit.

“We’ve encountered a squad with old-fashioned contracts and we will have to work out what to do. The existing contracts can be changed or restructured. After that, there are more drastic measures that we hope we don’t have to adopt.

But nothing’s ruled out if it’s for the good of the club. Between salaries and amortisations, it’s about €650 million [annually], which is more than the club’s revenue. These salaries are out-of-step with the current market.”

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