Gerard Piqué on Bartomeu, La Roja and getting booed

In an interview with YouTuber Jordi Wild, Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué spoke about the Spain national team, former Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu and rivals Espanyol.

Passion for football

“As a sport, I liked it more when I was a kid than I do now. Before, I was more passionate about it. Now you have a lot on offer and football competes against many things.”

Spain national team

“I think it’s compatible to be a pro-independence player and play for Spain. What does it mean to feel the colours? I’m not going to say whether I’m pro-independence or not. The vote is secret and everyone has to keep it private.”

Getting booed with Spain

“Personally, I would say that I played better and it motivated me. I’ve experienced it since I was a kid. More than bothering me, it motivated me.”

Former Barcelona president Bartomeu

“He’s a person who doesn’t know how to say no or deal with problems. We haven’t seen him around the training ground recently. I got angry with him because he lied to my face about Barçagate. The club hired services to criticise players and he told Messi and me that he didn’t know anything. Then I found out that he did. That he lied to me about such a serious matter. And I came out like an idiot to defend him.”

Playing against Espanyol

“I’ve had as much money as Espanyol’s budget for a long time. I like going to Cornellá more than to the Bernabéu. I was happy when they were promoted to Primera because I was going to play there again. I like going onto the pitch there and being whistled at. Then you laugh and they get even more pissed off. I’d say that’s better than sex. I enjoy it more than I do against Real Madrid.”

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