Gareth Bale’s agent: “It’s a three-party discussion; it’s us, Real Madrid and Tottenham.”

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Gareth Bale’s agent, Jonathan Barnett, said the Welsh forward had “a rough time under Mourinho” in his current spell at Tottenham Hotspur.

“As I said to Spurs at the beginning: ‘if you give him a run, put your trust in him, let him play his own game, not tell him he’s got to do this and that, treat him like a [Lionel] Messi or a [Cristiano] Ronaldo – I’m not he’s as good – and you’ll see.

“It’s been proven that every time he’s been left like that, he’s gone and scored a lot goals. He’s world class.

Spurs reportedly have the option of taking Bale on another loan deal next season with the same terms as this season, with Real Madrid contributing to a large part of his wages. Barnett has revealed that he does not expect the Welshman to have a future back at the Spanish giants.

“He’s still one of the best players in the world, but he’s only got four games left so we will have to see.

“It’s a three-party discussion; it’s us, Real Madrid and Tottenham. We have our views and we will let them know at the right time.”

Asked whether or not Bale has a future at Real Madrid, Barnett replied: “I very much doubt that, but if they want to put him on the bench then that’s fine. They want to put me on the bench with that salary? That’s fine for me as well.”

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