Diego Simeone responds to criticism of Atlético Madrid’s style of play

Diego Simeone spoke at a pre-match press conference on Tuesday ahead of his side’s Champions League match against Manchester City.

On criticism towards Atlético’s style of play

“I always say the same thing. Since I started out in coaching in 2005-06 right up until today, I could never be disparaging about a fellow professional, never. I always put myself in the place of the coaches I am competing against. I understand that there are many different ways that people can express how they feel, what they believe and how they experience every game. So when someone is disdainful about a colleague, that’s something which I don’t agree with.

As for the opinions of journalists, ex-players, people who don’t play the game and want to say something different… as my father used to say, the least said, the better. Talk is cheap and everyone can express an opinion. There are ways of doing it, and everyone is different in that regard, but for me, I would rather respect my fellow sportsmen, always,” Simeone said in quotes transcribed by AS.

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