Diego Simeone on Man City, Man United and Champions League

Diego Simeone spoke to the media ahead of Atlético Madrid’s Champions League clash against Manchester City.

On Manchester City

“We are all under pressure, although I don’t know if pressure is the word. Man City have extraordinary players, better than us for sure.

On Champions League favourites

“City and Bayern yes [are favourites], but last year Chelsea came out on top. They didn’t expect to and then they grew and became stronger.

Can the match at Old Trafford help you tomorrow?

“Manchester United have different qualities. They’re faster, more direct. City are more about positions. We will have to improve on all the things we did well three weeks ago.”

There has been a lot of talk about styles of play pre-match

“What I like most about teams that play well, like City, is the effort they put in to win the ball back, and to play attacking football. It’s nice to watch them play, they are constantly evolving. What I like most is seeing Sterling, De Bruyne pressing, being active, not giving up. In addition to the talent, they add a work rate that all coaches like.”

What do you think will happen at the Etihad?

“We’re looking to get into positions where we think we can hurt them. With our characteristics and the way we’ve been playing for years, we want to continue competing like we have been for years.”

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