Diego Forlán believes leaving Atlético Madrid could help improve João Félix’s performance

In an interview that appeared on Marca, Diego Forlán discussed João Félix’s situation at the Estadio Metropolitano.

The former Atlético Madrid player believes it could be for the benefit of Félix to leave the club:

João Félix is a very good player, he is young and has a lot of quality. They paid a lot of money for him and he has not been playing as expected, but he is still very young. There are reports coming out about the possibility of him leaving Atlético and, if he leaves, he could see an improvement in his performance. I believe in that. It happens a lot of times. It happened, for example, with Philippe Coutinho, who played very little at Inter and when he went to Liverpool, he improved a lot.”

Forlán also revealed that he enjoys watching Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo at the World Cup:

“They’ve already scored goals, they’ve been in the spotlight and Leo has even been voted player of the match.”

GSFN | Tom Cserép

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