Carlo Ancelotti: “Gareth Bale wasn’t being antisocial.”

Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the media ahead of the Madrid derby on Sunday. In quotes transcribed by AS, the Italian coach described himself and the last week at Real Madrid.

“I am a calm man, I really like what I do for a living. I like to enjoy life, I’m not obsessed with football. I like football, but not to the point of obsession. I am lucky enough to work in a field that I like.”

Is this the best season you’ve ever had?

“I’ve never got to this stage of the season in a situation like this. What a week it’s been, with LaLiga and qualifying for the final. To crown it, it’d be nice to win on 28 May, we’ll try. That would make it the best season of my career.”

On Gareth Bale’s absence from Madrid’s title celebrations

“We are all very fond of Bale. He wasn’t there because he couldn’t move. I have experienced the same thing, after hurting my back. When he’s fit, he trains the same as everyone else. It wasn’t that he was being antisocial, it’s just that he couldn’t move.”

Retiring after Real Madrid

“If it all goes well here, I’ll stay until I’m in my 80s, why not? That’s something I’ve thought about. The day it is all over with Madrid, will be the day I could stop. I’ve enjoyed it a lot. Finding a better club anywhere else in the world would be difficult.”

Is performing the guard of honour humiliating? 

“As I said earlier, if they do it, perfect. If not, our respect for Atleti won’t change.”

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