Brugge coach Carl Hoefkens on Atlético Madrid: “Tomorrow we play against matadors.”

Atlético Madrid travel to Belgium to play Club Brugge in the Champions League, with kick-off scheduled at 9pm local time.

In his pre-match press conference that appeared on Mundo Deportivo, Club Brugge coach Carl Hoefkens compared Atlético Madrid to a team of bull fighters:

“Tomorrow we play against matadors.” He acknowledged that it is a challenge to play “against a huge team” that “always gets through the knockout rounds,” but assured that this is not the message he wants to convey to his players:

“We can’t keep in our heads all the time that this is a challenge. Tomorrow, let’s play,” he summed up.

The Belgian coach praised the achievements of Diego Simeone:

“He is one of the greatest coaches of recent years. It has been Ferguson in England and Simeone in Spain. We don’t have the same style of play, we have differences in that, but I have a lot of respect for his ability to transform an entire team.”


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