Antoine Griezmann on João Félix: “You have to be consistent”

On Sunday, Antoine Griezmann will play for Atlético Madrid against his former club FC Barcelona, where he will be come up against João Félix, who this summer took the same path as the Frenchman in 2019.

Before the pair meet again, Griezmann spoke to Movistar (via MD) about the encounter and was asked about João Félix, who pushed to leave Atlético and sign for the Blaugrana.

“In the end when you arrive here [Atlético], you know more or less what the coach is like, what the team is like, and either you adapt and work for it or things don’t work out for you.

“There were times when João did very well, he worked very well, but you have to be consistent and maybe there came a time when he got tired, he didn’t see himself here and that’s why he made the effort and the club also made the effort to let him leave.”

Kieran Quaile | GSFN

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